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Return spread

How does it work?

You trade and get a weekly bonus amount to your account. For each unit of trading you will be charged fee of $ 1. The entire bonus amount credited to your account, and available for sale or withdrawal without any restrictions. For example, during the week you made ​​a deal on the total volume of 10 lot, then your fee will be $ 10.

Terms of Service "return spread"

To account for the transaction and receive compensation client should open merchant account in the company of "InstaForex" through the site "GANN.SU". After 1-2 days on the trading account of the client is charged a premium amount of $ 1 for each lot, calculated in proportion to the volume of operations performed (closed positions). After transfer to the trading account is available for fee-trade without any restrictions.

If you agree with these terms and conditions you need to open a real trading account by following the link: OPEN AN ACCOUNT

Notify the site administrator through the "Message to the administrator".

1. Name - enter your name

2. E-mail - enter your e-mail address

3. Your message - account number, which you opened the link at the top and the date of account opening.

After verification, your account will automatically do the return spread at the closing of commercial transactions.

Check takes from 1 to 2 days and is totally dependent on InstaForex dealing center.

At the end of the month, you can request a history of rebates, which will be provided to you courtesy. Applications should be sent via the same form of "message to the administrator."

Message to the administrator

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