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Biography VD Gann

WD Gann was born on June 6, 1878 on a farm about seven miles from Lafkina, Texas. He was the first of 11 children Sam Houston Gann and Susan Gann. Gann Family lived in a very small house with no frills. They were poor and the young Willie walked seven miles in Lafkin over three years to attend school. His father was a farmer in Angelina Country. They are all worried about the price that will bring their cotton. If you asked a young Willie, Does he like when he grows older, and work the soil in eastern Texas, he probably would have said no, he did not think so – he wanted to be a businessman. But the work he could perform on the farm was more important for the family, so that William had never finished elementary or secondary school. As the eldest son las imposing on him a special responsibility, and those years of work on the farm, perhaps marked the beginning of his habit of hard work. Several years later, William worked in the brokerage firm in Teksarkane and in the evening attended a business school. In 1903. William made a fateful move to New York at age 25. Gann began trading on the commodity and stock market. In 1908. He opened his own brokerage office “WDGann and Co.”, at the corner of 18th Street and Broadway. During the First World War, William Gann predicted November 9, 1918., Kaiser’s abdication and the end of the war. WD Gann, which traders know today, appeared in the “Roaring Twenties”. Landmark predictions and Trade Record Using your own style of technical analysis, Gann earned more than $ 50 million profit on the exchanges! In today’s market it would be approximately 500 million dollars! After many decades of incredible success, Gann moved to Miami, Florida, where he continued his research until his death on June 14 1955. Gann based his methods of trading on the “time” rather than “price”, like many of today’s systems. This allowed Hanna determine not only when a change in trend, but also the best price to enter or exit the market. Gann’s methods were so accurate that in the presence of the core financial audience, he made 286 trades over the 25 trading days, both on long and the short positions. Of these, 264 transactions were profitable! In 1933. Gann made 479 trades during the year. 422 were profitable, and 57 were unprofitable. Revenue at its capital amounted to about 4000%. In most cases, Gann gave in advance the exact prices at which certain stocks and commodities would be sold, with prices close to the then prevailing values, which were not affected. During his career, Gann repeating these incredible sales achievements, giving extraordinary predictions for the set of markets for the year ahead. Gann used the law of nature, and geometric proportions, based on the circle, square and triangle, which are equally effective at today’s stock and commodity exchanges, as well as 50 years ago. His methods work in any market and time interval. His methods seem to be many traders a bit unusual, even mystical, but in the last century to confirm himself again and again. His instructions were supernatural As WD Gann was a “scientist Wall Street.” He could predict the peak year bull market. One of its remarkable achievements was the forecast for shares in 1922., Released in December 1921. The forecast indicated the first peak of bovine vaprele wave, the second peak in August and the last vertex and the end of the bull market 8-15 October, and is not as strange, the average prices of twenty industrial stocks reached their highest levels on 14 October and were down 10 points in thirty days that date. Gann predicted a big decline during November. He said in the forecast: “10-14 November panicky decline. During this period, there is a serious reduction in stock, many will fall by 10 points or more in four days, and 14 November had been achieved the lowest average price for the 1,500,000 shares traded on the New York Stock Exchange. People were amazed by the results of the remarkable predictions Gann, based on pure science and mathematical calculations. His expertise lies in its own words. “For the past ten years, I have all my time and attention devoted to speculative markets. Like many others, I have lost thousands of dollars and experienced the usual ups and downs inherent in the novice who enters the market without prior knowledge of the subject. Soon I began to realize that all successful people, whether they are lawyers, doctors, or scientists who spend years in study and research their profession or trade, before earning this money. ” These words Gann forever go down in history because it was a great man of his time, which stimulated thinking and research. History repeats itself. Greed and the desire of big profits do not change. They are inherent elements of human nature, and these elements affect the average person and lead to losses in investment or speculation. This is one of the valuable lessons that we learned from Hannah. Without a doubt, the name B. D. Gann was indeed a legend in the world trade. William Delbert Gann was born on 06 июня 1878 in Lufkin, Texas. His father, Samuel Houston Gann, was a teacher, selling horses and cows. He also owned a small billiard club. His mother, Susan Rebecca Gann (nee Trevation), devoted all his time raising VD Gann and his younger brothers and sisters. She taught the young William to read through the Bible book, which later had an enormous impact on his thinking about the nature of financial markets. His family was poor. Samuel, Susan and their eight children lived in a small house, and young William to get to school every day, walked seven miles in three years. Gann never finished high school. In 1894, William Gann, aged 16, he left teaching and began to look for work. He became a peddler (selling newspapers, food) in the train, which traveled between Texarkana and Tyler, Texas. He also worked at the cotton warehouse. In 1901, he worked at a brokerage firm in Texarkana, and married his first wife, Rena May Smith. In 1902, the first born daughter, Nora. 1902 was also the first year, when Gann made his first deal in cotton. In 1903 Gann moved to New York. He was already 25 years old. In 1905, the birth of his second daughter, Macie Burnie. September 12, 1905 in a local newspaper Gann gives his view on the movement of prices of cotton. In 1906, Gann worked as a broker in Oklahoma. In 1907 Gann made more money on the prediction of panic in the stock market and falling commodity market. In 1908, aged 30 years, Gann divorces his first wife and marries a 19 year-old Sadie Hannify. Together with him in New York and move his two daughters. This was the year when he investigated a «Master Time Factor». He traded on two accounts. First, open at $ 300, brought him $ 25,000 for three months. The second started with $ 130, brought $ 12,000 for nearly 30 days. Since that time acquired a reputation for Gann unusually talented trader. In 1909, in Gann with Sadie was born their first child, a girl who was named Velma. In 1910 Gann wrote his first book “Speculation profitable profession. He also publishes a newspaper «The Busy Man’s News», and later his famous «Supply and Demand Letter». In early 1914 Gann predicts a world war and panic in the markets. In 1915, a son named John. In March 1918 Gann successfully predicts the end of the First World and the Kaiser’s abdication from the throne. His predictions were published many of the leading newspapers of the time, including the «New York Times». In 1919 he started working for themselves. He publishes «Supply and Demand Letter», which includes predictions for the stock and commodity markets. In 1923 Gann wrote «Truth of the Stock Tape». This book was rated by many as the best book on the market. Over a period of 60 days, Gann was on cotton more than $ 30,000, beginning with a starting capital of $ 1000. In 1927 Gann wrote the novella «Tunnel Thru the Air». Gann wrote it as a statement of his discoveries. These discoveries have been hidden in the twists of the plot of the book. For many years, traders try to unlock the secrets of this book, but few succeed. In the «Tunnel Thru the Air» Gann predicts the Second World War, in particular the attack of Japan on the United States. In 1928 Gann successfully predicts the top of the bull market on Sept. 3, 1929 and follow the greatest in the history of panic. In 1930 Gann wrote «Wall Street Stock Selector». In this book he describes the state of the market from 1931 to 1933. In 1931, Gann became a member of the New York Rubber Exchange and the New Orleans Cotton Exchange. In 1932, Gann gives her client a recommendation to buy shares, while the base of the Great Depression. In 1936 Gann wrote «New Stock Trend Detector» and buys them is designed all-metal plane “Silver Star”. He was the first in the United States, who owned a private metal airplane. A few years later he bought a few airplanes. His pilot for 19 years was Elinor Smith. Gann also buys real estate and high-speed yacht. In 1937 Gann wrote «How to Make Profits Trading in Puts and Calls». In the same year he divorced his second wife. In 1940 Gann wrote «Face Facts America». In this book he explains why Germany lost the war and why America should not engage in war. It also underlines the great problems that he sees in the “New Deal” of the American government and its consequences. In 1941, Gann became a member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He spends campaign against Roosevelt and his New Deal. It was a time when the U.S. government had a huge budget, and Ford has stopped production because of the crisis of overproduction. In 1941 Gann wrote «How to Make Profits in Commodities». The authors of the original edition of 1941 were VD Gann and his son John. In 1944 Gann married a third time on Londi, who was 30 years his junior. Gann treated her like a queen (much to the dismay of their children). Gann moved to the warmer climate of Miami in Florida. There he sells, is engaged in property investment and continues to teach its students. In 1948, Gann sold his company to Joseph Lederer in San Luis (Missouri). In 1949 Gann wrote “45 Years in Wall Street». Based on the merits of the book «The International Mark Twain» makes him an honorary member of the Company. In 1950 Gann wrote «The Magic Word». This was his contribution to biblical literature. May 23, 1951 Gann, along with Ed. Lambert founded the «Lambert-Gann Publishing Company». This company has published all the books and courses Gann. Gann revises and reissues «How to Make Profits in Commodities», removes the name and photo of John from the book. Updated edition in 1951 was a huge success. At the age of 73, Gann had surplus funds of $ 500 a day for his consultancy services. He sells «W.D. Gann Research, Inc. »C.C. Loosely in New York. In 1954, at the age of 76, Gann buys high-speed boat, calling it «The Coffee Bean / Coffee seed” in honor of the success of the transaction Mercantile Exchange. «Great Master Course» Hanna sells for $ 5000, and in 1954 the price of an average house. Gann takes a heart attack, and after the survey had detected gastric cancer. In 1955, Gann returned from one of his many trips to Cuba, where he loved to buy Cuban lottery tickets and play at the races. He felt sick and very weak. Son John took him from Florida to New York, where Gann was placed in a hospital Methodist Church in Brooklyn. VD Gann died at 15:20 pm June 18, 1955 at the age of 77 years. Kids Hannah agreed to bury him with his second wife Sadie, in the Masonic section of the cemetery «Greenwood» in Brooklyn, in the alley overlooking the backbone of Manhattan and his beloved Wall Street. (John Gann was a pilot during World War II. He spoke very strongly about his father, especially after he married a third time. John Gann died in 1984.)

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