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All information on the website is collected from publicly available public resources on the Internet and is for informational purposes only. It is assumed that you are, if you are interested in all the text, you will find the original - a reputable book or magazine. If you for some reason, copy the file, you should immediately delete it immediately after reading the contents. Copying and saving it, you accept full responsibility, under current international legislation on copyright and related rights. All rights to this photo reserved by the copyright holder. Any commercial or other use, except for the preliminary examination, is prohibited. Publication of this document is not intended for commercial gain is no, but these documents contribute to improving the quality of publications, allowing the reader to immediately check references, see quotes, charts, find the right place - in order to then work more effectively with the original paper, in addition, Creating a public digital library is essential for professional and spiritual development of the readers. In addition to the publication of the Network are advertising paper editions of such documents. If you are the author of this document and want to add to it or change, to clarify details of the author or publish other documents, please contact us via the contact form - we will be happy to accommodate your needs.

Other authors

Earik Beann - Techniques of an Astrotrader : download

Earik Beann - The Handbook of Market Esoterica : download

Patrick Mikula - Gann's Scientific Methods Unveiled Volume 1 : download

Patrick Mikula - Gann's Scientific Methods Unveiled Volume 2 : download

Patrick Mikula - The Definitive Guide to Forecasting Using W.D.Ganns Square of Nine : download

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